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We think of ourselves as a demand planning expert.  

It's all about the 3 P's:  right Product, right Price, right Place at the right time.

What it means to be a cateogory manger:


  • Cutting edge consumer trends and ideas – Developed proprietary segmentation model that identifies opportunities in both self and gifting

  • Continuous efforts to define best in class merchandising and retail operations

  • With access to scan and loyalty data we can offer superior category analysis by item, location, and provide anticipated best timing on sales to maximize net profit

  • Detailed technical specifications for quality standards on all products


We strive for just in time delivery. 

Which means the freshest product available to your customers.

We offer transportation, distribution, consolidation and cross-docking services to floral shippers, growers and wholesalers throughout the floral industry. 


An innovative approach to floal packaging,merchandising and fixtures.

We offer a range of customizable POS, private label packaging and merchandising solutions to help our customers merchandise product effectivley. 



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